Catering from Copper Creek Restaurant

Brunch Buffet

Weddings at Mt Rainier in Washington State:

Outdoor Weddings at Mt. Rainier (maximum 150 guests)

Copper Creek Restaurant offers professional catering services for your retreats, weddings, family reunions, company parties, picnics, or gatherings with friends. We are the only licensed caterer in the area. Our chef will work closely with your group to create a menu to suit your tastes and event. We will be glad to arrange a tasting if you’d like. 

Copper Creek Restaurant offers the best catering services at Mount Rainier for Brunch, Appetizers, Entrees, and desserts. Click the links below for more detail. 

We can accommodate your group overnight in our cabins for onsite catering. We give priority to guests staying with us. We will also be glad to go anywhere in the Ashford, Elbe, Alder, Eatonville areas. Please inquire


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